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Digital Alchemy is a team of hospitality veterans who create industry-leading CRM solutions for world-class hotels, spas, and resorts. Our passion for the hospitality industry has driven us to develop digital marketing solutions that drive revenue and empower property management teams to raise the bar for guests like never before.

Personalized, branded and dynamic emails are sent automatically throughout the entire guest experience from pre-stay to post check-out all the way through to the next booking.

• Reservation Confirmation

    • Thank-You Note

• On-Property Messaging

• Cancellation Confirmation

    • Comment Card

• Bounce Back Offer

• Pre-Stay Marketing

    • Upgrade Manager

• Email Campaign

Benefits for guests:
• Personally tailored stay and experience
• Instant service via dynamic two-way mobile messaging
• Personalized and tailored communications, giving them confidence in their decision —and making them feel special all the way through from confirmation to appreciation messages

Benefits for hospitality properties:
• One integrated platform
• 100% of clients’ email design, production and maintenance supported in-house
• Empower staff to better manage guests from reservation confirmation to appreciation messages
• 400% ROI on every email campaign and guest communications*
• Build and foster guest relationships while generating revenue
• Gather analytic data to capture an in-depth look of each guest to leverage for upselling and targeted campaign marketing to drive them back again and again
• Improves brand awareness
• Receive feedback about stay experiences highlighting strengths and weaknesses, providing the necessary tools to continuously improve the guest experience and resolve challenges in a more timely and impactful way
• Targeted and creative email marketing campaigns that show you what offers your guests want, when they want it
• Access to exclusive tracking software that provides a reservation-by-reservation list of each guest who booked as a result of a specific campaign
• New solution offerings such as the industry’s first Facebook-email integration proven to boost the revenue of a campaign by 35% or more while finding new audiences
• Option to utilize an integrated spa CRM functionality

*Guarantee applies only to clients using Digital Alchemy’s complete CRM and/or marketing package.

About Digital Alchemy

Digital Alchemy, the leader in digital marketing, provides award-winning and patented solutions for the global hospitality industry. With unparalleled customer service and a 98% retention rate, their extensive product portfolio includes an all-encompassing pre and post stay email suite, comment cards and targeted email marketing with social integration. Even with our history of firsts in products, services and innovation, what we still value most is our track record of bringing success to our clients. Don’t just take it from us; we can prove that our marketing solutions really do make a difference in our client’s bottom line. Visit us at

Contact: Shannon Bedard, Senior Vice President and Founding Partner / 1-817-204-0840