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The Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) Annual Convention and Tradeshow will be held on the 22nd-25th of October at Hyatt Regency, New Orleans.  The HFTP convention offers essential educational sessions, access to experts and networking, with leading hospitality industry vendors, such as UniFocus, to find cost-effective ways to improve company bottom lines.

The education sessions feature the top technology issues of interest to the hospitality industry.  Topics that will have the biggest impact on businesses and feature the most innovative products and services to the industry worldwide.

Mr. Ken Heymann has been invited as an industry expert for two sessions.   START and END your day at HFTP with Ken!

Labor Management for Operations: Driving Labor Dollars to YOUR Bottom line.  The largest controllable cost in the hospitality businesses is labor. Comprehensive Labor Management is instrumental in operating at your lowest labor cost while ensuring consistent service. And comprehensive labor management involves helping operations manage labor.  Session: Wednesday, October 22nd, at 7:45pm.

Business Intelligence: Key KPI's that Impact YOUR Business.  Looking at the Right Information, to get the Right Knowledge, to take the Right Action.  Understanding and analyzing the relationships of various data and driving improved profits is a key function of hospitality financiers. Session: Thursday, October 23rd, at 10:30am.

About HFTP

HFTP, Austin, Texas, USA and Maastricht, The Netherlands, founded in 1952, is the global professional association for financial and technology personnel working in hotels, clubs and other hospitality-related businesses. HFTP provides first class educational opportunities, research, and publications to members around the globe including, the premiere hospitality technology conference HITEC--founded in 1972. HFTP also awards the only hospitality specific certifications for accounting and technology --the Certified Hospitality Accountant Executive (CHAE) and the Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP) designations. HFTP was founded in the USA as the National Association of Hotel Accountants. 

About UniFocus

UniFocus is the only global Labor Management and Time & Attendance Solutions provider that guarantees reduced labor costs, continually improves productivity, engages employees, AND ensures customer expectations are exceeded.  UniFocus integrates advanced scheduling with employee engagement and customer perceptions. We help our partners ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction through combining innovative labor management system with a complete suite of survey solutions.  Our systems fully engage your staff to increase productivity and drive labor dollars to YOUR bottom line.

UniFocus' technologies and integrated metrics allow companies to measurably increase profit margins. With UniFocus, you have the right employee, with the right skills, at the right time, in the right place, AND with the right attitude, at the lowest possible cost.  Our innovative solutions plan, control, and analyze your labor resources, PLUS with integrated measurement of employee engagement you assure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  Only then can you truly increase your performance, productivity, and most importantly, your profit.

At UniFocus, we have more than 35 years of experience supporting thousands of locations globally, in over 100 countries, in achieving controlled labor costs, increased profits, and higher intent to return.  We're the fusion of workforce management, engagement, and satisfaction.

UniFocus is an allied member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association and a member of the National Restaurant Association.  For more information, visit or call 972-512-5000.

Contact: Beth Mahler / (972) 512-5120

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