Shep Hyken


Okay, maybe it’s not the secret, but what I’m about to share with you is one of the secrets. Actually, three secrets. 

In the real estate world, the three keys to success are location, location, location. In this article, we can say that three secrets to creating and sustaining customer loyalty are communication, communication, communication. The way you communicate, what you communicate, and how often you communicate can create the experience that gives a customer the confidence to continue doing business with you.  

So, with that in mind, here are three communication tips that will help drive customer loyalty and move them to say, “I’ll be back.” 


  1. Keep customers informed. Customers love information that gives them a sense of control. Think about placing an order with Amazon and immediately receiving an email that confirms the order is placed. Then you receive an update that the order has been shipped. Finally, you receive an email that informs you the package was delivered. Sometimes there is a picture of the package next to your door. Whether you’re sending out emails, text messages, calling the customer, or using any other form of communication, keeping customers informed is actually creating confidence that all is going according to plan. Customers love that! 
  1. Stalk your customers on social media. Okay, stalk is a strong word, but I wanted to grab your attention. Perhaps a better way to put it is to track your customers on social media. This is especially powerful for B2B businesses, but almost any type of business that has one-on-one relationships with customers can use this tip. Set up a Google Alert for your best customers. The customer could be an individual or a company. You’ll be informed of any news that is published about them. Imagine that your customer received a promotion, or the company received an award, and you were one of the first to congratulate them.  
  1. Go old school and call your customer. When is the last time you picked up the phone and called a customer with no agenda other than to say hello and see how they were doing? Even if all you can do is leave a voice mail, it lets the customer know you are thinking of them. The secret to the success of this simple idea is to have no agenda other than keeping in touch. In other words, don’t bring up business. Don’t tell them about the new product you have. Save that for a sales call. This is just a touchpoint with your customer that is all about them. Of course, the customer may ask you something related to business, but that’s on them, not you.  


Of course, there are many more ways to communicate with your customers. If you have a favorite tip, technique, or “secret,” please take a moment to share it below.